Balto Sponsors the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Annual Sales Pitch Contest

Balto joins the ranks of several software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and industry leaders featured in the annual competition. In 2021, Hubspot held the distinction.

Thirty-two students across 14 teams served as Balto Sales Development Representatives, whose responsibilities include prospecting and developing relationships with contact center as a service (CCaaS) companies focused on improving performance of their contact center. Competitors had to learn the ins and outs of Balto’s real-time sales enablement tool that uses artificial intelligence to improve customer conversations and contact experiences. Teams received product information, case studies, and customer insights to better understand the industry, craft presentations, and accurately represent Balto’s brand and solutions.

“We were excited to bring students and business professionals together again to enhance learning and development opportunities for our sales students,” said Blake Runnalsassistant professor of marketing at University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business. “It was essential for the students to understand their team dynamics to provide consistent role play.”

As part of their college sales training Center for Sales Excellence, students learn to probe to uncover customer needs and overcome objections. As such, the contest judges were encouraged to make the contestants work for the sale by providing objections and not disclosing too much information.

“All the teams did an amazing job,” said Dan Templeton, Vice President of Sales at Balto. “I was blown away by their product knowledge, handling of objections and composure. We have not been lenient with them. They came prepared and are well positioned to enter today’s sales force. today.”

Teams were also judged on relationship building, listening skills, enthusiasm, effective communication, professionalism, and the ability to commit to the next step in the sales process: selling the boss.

The winning team consisted of Valerie Bohuslavsky, an agribusiness major, and Jordan Kuhna major in management and marketing, won the $3,000 first scholarship. The second and third teams were rewarded $2,250 and $1,500 scholarships, respectively.

The competition is part of a larger partnership between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Balto’s Conversation Excellence Lab, a team dedicated to conducting research alongside academic institutions and analyzing data from Balto’s more than 125 million calls. . Read the Conversation Excellence Lab’s latest report on the state of contact center attrition in 2022.

About Balto‍

Balto helps agents say the right thing on every call. Top performing contact centers trust Balto’s real-time guidance, real-time coaching, and real-time quality assurance to increase sales conversions, avoid costly compliance errors, and improve customer experience . Founded in 2017 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Balto has transformed contact center operations and guided more than 125 million conversations worldwide.

About Center for commercial excellence

the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Sales Excellence is shaping the future of personal selling and sales management by providing advanced instruction, creating mutually beneficial relationships within the business community, and generating high-caliber business research for academic advancement .


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