Central York School Board Election 2021 Results

Update: Two Republicans and two Democrats appear to have secured all four four-year seats in the Central York School Board race, according to final but unofficial results from the York County Election Office.

Corey Thurman (R), Tim Strickler (R), Amy Milsten (R) and Faith Casale were the top voters when the count ended around midnight on Tuesday.

The incumbent Veronica Gemma (R) was dislodged.

Separately, the Republicans won the two two-year seats, with Wendy Crane and Danielle Allison easily overtaking two Democrats, based on unofficial results.

The margins in the four-year seat race were very slim, with Republican Faith Casale winning a seat by just four votes.

According to the York County Board of Elections, the county has 51.1% of registered Republican voters, an area difficult for Democrats to overthrow.

Some factors could alter the results of the close four-year races, such as 89 written ballots that were cast, but the two-year seats are likely fixed.

Reported earlier

The race is as close as ever at 11:26 am, with Democrats holding a slight advantage with two ridings remaining to report for the four-year seat race. The Republicans hold a slight lead in the two-year seat race, with Wendy Crane in the lead. The last two quarters could make all the difference in this home stretch.

At 10:40 am, the race is up for grabs as more than 60% of the district have reported it. The race is close and the remaining four ridings will have a huge impact on the result.

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At 10:30 a.m., the York Central School Board race is still heating up, with around 8% of ridings reporting. The Democratic candidates have a strong lead, but the Republican high density area is making this race a failure, as 11 of the 12 constituencies are still reporting.

The Central York School Board race will be decided in today’s election after a season of resource bans, mask and vaccine debates and disagreements over programming.

Eight candidates are vying for four four-year seats on the board, while four candidates are seeking one of two two-year seats for unexpired terms.

Office closes at 8 p.m., come back tonight as you see the results.

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The Citizens for Central York, a Republican roster made up of incumbents Tim Strickler, Veronica Gemma and newcomer Faith Casale, are vying for the four-year seats.

Citizens for CYSD is a democratic list made up of Amy Milsten, Corey Thurman, Rebecca L. Riek and Joel Folkemer.

Laura Bond, a Republican RN who has experienced the pandemic firsthand, is also in competition.

Democrats Amelia McMillan and Lydell D. Nunn, along with Republicans Danielle Allison and Wendy Crane, are running for the unexpired two-year seat.

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The Central York Board of Directors is emerging from a tumultuous period. The board has come under fire for a resource ban placed on a list proposed by the school’s diversity committee. The ban prevents teachers from using books, videos and other materials by black and brown authors on the list.

Some of the banned items were harmless, from Dinah Brown’s “I Am Malala Youafzai” to George Johnson’s more controversial “All Boys Aren’t Blue – A Memoir Manifesto”.

The ban was overturned, but some voters expressed concerns during a citizen comment section of a school board meeting in September that the list will be restricted again after the election.

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The council has also come under scrutiny for its decision to file an amicus case, a way for the school district to protest the mask mandate of the Palestinian Authority’s health ministry in a framework legal. The decision was made at the last minute at a school board meeting in early October. The file cost $ 2,000 to file and is being shared with the Spring Grove School District.

With the retirements of the superintendent. Michael Snell, Assistant Superintendent. Robert Grove and Director of Communications Julie Randall Romig, the new board will have a lot to discover. The incoming superintendent, the former superintendent of the central school district of Manheim. Peter Aiken, is expected to take office in mid-November.

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Prior to the election, there were accusations of school board members tampering with the resource list and scrutiny of the funding of the various lists.

This is a developing story. See you tonight for the race results.

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