Greeneville, in Greene County, gears up for back to school Wednesday | WJHL

GREENEVILLE, Tennessee (WJHL) – Schools in the city of Greeneville and schools in Greene County reopen to students on Wednesday, August 4. Friday August 6.

School leaders hope to return to a school year as normal as possible. Masking will be optional in both school districts.

In schools in the city of Greeneville, areas with high school attendance will be disinfected daily. These include desks, light switches, doorknobs, chairs, and other flat surfaces, as well as the nurse’s desk. If a person with COVID-19 has been in an area, they will be cleaned more thoroughly.

COVID-19 tests will be available free to students and staff on campus. Students can only do this with the written consent of parents. They also ask students and staff to take their own precautions.

“We will be optional with the mask to start the school year, and we will obviously continue to advocate for hand washing, respiratory etiquette, and distancing where possible and good practices like that. Our cleaning practices are also a big part of our layered mitigation, ”said Schools Principal Steve Starnes.

Greeneville offers a virtual option, but children who register are encouraged to commit for at least one semester. Transfers to the classroom would be treated as a school transfer.

“We will also be launching a virtual school option this year, in order to launch that. But it will either be you choose either a virtual school or in person, so those will be both options, ”Starnes said. “We actually partnered with Bristol. Bristol will be providing 6-12 education and we will be providing K-5 education, but collectively we’re an online public school in Tennessee, and then we have the Bristol and Greeneville components.

Starnes said he was delighted to welcome the children back and start the school year.

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