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Photo by Madeline Scarborough About 30 recruits were honored at Fort Boreman on Saturday for their service to various branches of the military.

PARKERSBURG — Veterans, recruiting officers and military families came out to pay their respects to graduates entering the military. This is the third year that local military moms have held a ceremony honoring students who have enlisted in different branches of the military. About 30 recruits were honored at Fort Boreman on Saturday.

“Your community, friends and family believe in you and are on your side”, said Lea Ann Mason, event organizer and proud mother of a Marine. Mason is joined in organizing the event by two other mothers, Catherine Lee, who has two sons in the Marines, and Heather Stanley, who has a son in the Army.

Family members could be seen wearing shirts that said “proud marine sister” or other slogans showing support for those joining a branch of the armed forces.

Haven Morrison, an 18-year-old future graduate of Parkersburg South High School, was the area’s only recruit for the Navy.

“My whole family served or is breaking up in the navy,” said Morrison “My great-grandfather was a WWII diver, my grandfather and machinist brother and sister also serve.”

The recruits lined up and received a certificate in honor of their commitment. Haven Morrison, an 18-year-old future graduate of Parkersburg South High School, was the area’s only recruit for the Navy. (Photo by Madeline Scarborough)

Morrison said it was a great honor to be able to follow in his family’s footsteps.

The event coined a name this year, Recruitment Appreciation Jake Einarson, after a regional recruiting officer who helped with the event from the start, but sadly passed away just weeks after the event. last year.

Staff Sergeant Greer, friend and co-recruiter of Einarson, spoke at the event in his honor.

“Jake has consistently worked to challenge people to be their best,” Greer said. “We miss him, he was a great friend and a good person and we thank you for honoring him here today.”

Greer shared a story about Einarson with those gathered before concluding his speech with thanks and encouragement.

“I want to thank those who accept this sacrifice and join the army,” he said.

Eric Proctor, a sailor, also spoke at the event, offering words of wisdom and encouragement. Proctor was an assistant football coach at Warren High School.

“This decision should not be taken lightly and we want to show our appreciation to all of you, regardless of industry,” said Mason.

Neva Bryant, 18, soon to graduate from Parkersburg Catholic High School, joins the Army National Guard.

“I always wanted to serve, but I didn’t know what branch until I met a recruiter at a job fair and realized this was the right path for me.” she says.

Bryant will leave on July 19 to complete basic training and AIT vocational training to become a horizontal construction engineer, before returning to college. She has already passed her MEPS and has been participating in the exercise for three months.

She is going to study political science and international relations at Shepherd University in hopes of a future job at the State Department.

After college, she will serve for two years, unless she does ROTC in college, in which case she could renegotiate her contract as an officer.

Among the other recruits was 18-year-old Tim Morris, soon to graduate from Point Pleasant High School, who will join the Marines.

“I am very pleased to join my family’s tradition of serving our country,” said Morris.

He leaves for training camp on May 30 and will train as a combat engineer.

“Serving your country is a great opportunity and if you don’t know what you want to do after high school, I think it’s an option you really should consider. » he said.

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