No shade here! The ‘Unsellable Houses’ twins love the show [Exclusive]

Certainly no shadow of the Unsaleable houses twins when it comes to Netflix sell sunset. The HGTV real estate duo love the show and shared why it’s their happy binge.

“We both love that one!” Leslie Davis exclaimed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet during an interview with her sister, Lyndsay Lamb. “We agree on that!” Davis and Lamb said they usually can’t get along on the same TV show, but are totally in sync when it comes to sell sunset.

‘Unsellable Houses’ Twins Love ‘Selling Sunset’

Real estate and home improvement experts have a different opinion than other real estate reality stars on sell sunset. Several million dollar list cast members have massively shaded the show, but Lamb and Davis love it.

“It’s good drama,” Davis said. Lamb added that it was just good TV.

Unsaleable Homes and Sunset Sale | HGTV/Rich Fury/Getty Images

Davis joked, “If I could do an open house with Botox and burgers, I would. I would attend.

“Or, this year caviar and couture,” added Lamb.

“We could never pull this off, we would have liked hot dogs and soccer balls,” Davis joked. “He would never fly.” Or, “Hot dogs and Band-Aids!”

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Brokers Aren’t So Nice About ‘Selling Sunset’

With the exception of a few brokers, million dollar list agents, especially those working in the Los Angeles market, joked that the show’s agents were fake. “I’ve never seen any of these people in real life other than the boys,” Josh Flagg said on Watch what’s happening live in 2020, referencing Jason and Brett Oppenheim. “I have never seen one of these people. To all listings.

Tracy Tutor added: “I will say I haven’t come across them yet on a list I’ve been to before. Or an open house or anything like that. To me, it’s like a totally different animal. And I’m going to get run over for this, so I have to walk a very fine line.

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“I will say this, boys [the Oppenheim brothers] are awesome,” Tutor added. “They are having great success. And rightly so. The women on the show are beautiful, committed to their show. And I wish them the best of success. She then winked at the camera.

The guardian later referred to the sell sunset agents as “candy for Netflix” on the Dear reality, you are Erased podcast. “They have beautiful women working for them, which was obviously, you know, like candy for Netflix,” she continued. “I’m not going to say they don’t sell real estate. But if you were like, let’s pick out some great women in LA real estate who are doing business and are successful, not even necessarily at the top of the game, but are doing business. You wouldn’t report the women who are on this show.

‘Selling Sunset’ may be the only show the ‘Unsellable Houses’ twins can agree on

sell sunset may be the only show Unsaleable houses twins can watch together. “Totally the opposite,” they both exclaimed simultaneously.

“I’m all about feel-good…and acting,” Davis described. “I love happy endings. And disconnect…” Lamb said his sister spent the first 30 minutes of the show predicting how it would end. Davis added, “I’m folding laundry or playing a game on my phone while watching a show.”

Lamb, of course, is the exact opposite of Davis. “I like dark mysteries,” Lamb said. Davis pointed to her sister: “Really gritty stuff. Scary,” she added and made a face.

“Really gritty shows,” Lamb said, looking pleased. “Or just old-school war movies. I know, so different.

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