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Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than a big ice cream cone, and what’s better than a breathtaking view of the nation’s capital while you’re there?

As summer draws to a close, tick these items off your to-do list before you fall victim to the stress of preparing for the school year.

Cool down with a treat, cheer on the Nationals, picnic at an outdoor concert, sing your favorite karaoke song, and add to your dorm decor with some hand-painted pottery before the weekend ends. summer.

Ice cream at the National Mall
Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than a big ice cream cone, and what’s better than a breathtaking view of the nation’s capital while you’re there? Head to the National Mall for a soft treat. The food trucks this line in the National Mall is nothing new, but many GW students have never bought a sweet dessert there. The focus of the experience is less on the quality and more on the beauty of the place with a summertime treat in hand, so try one of the classic flavors offered in the trucks, like the chocolate and vanilla swirl. Lick your ice cream before it melts in the cone while admiring your choice of the illuminated Capitol or the outline of the Lincoln Memorial as the sun sets behind the hills of Arlington National Cemetery.

Washington Nationals game
Summer is prime time for baseball, so grab some friends and Nationals gear and head to the ballpark. While the Nationals play in the early fall games, there’s no such thing as a summer game without the distractions of homework and class looming. Treat yourself to classic ball game snacks like hot dogs, popcorn, hot pretzels and cotton candy while you sit back and watch nine innings of the American pastime. Although the Nationals trail in the standings and exchange their star hitter Juan Soto, the lively atmosphere of Nationals Park will be an unforgettable experience, win or lose.

Wolf Trap Outdoor Concert
Wolf Trap is an open-air concert venue outside of Vienna that makes the perfect place to enjoy a picnic and live music. The venue allows visitors to bring their own food and drink, so pack a large picnic blanket, your favorite snacks, and even a bottle of wine to enjoy with your show. Wolf Trap is a large outdoor amphitheater with multiple levels of stacked seating in the national park setting. The venue hosts several concerts through August, including Little Big Town and a special Abba-themed show. Consult the list of concerts to find one that speaks to you.

Hill Country Karaoke
the landscape with hills hosts live karaoke every Wednesday night where you and your friends can put your musical skills to the test. The karaoke bar sits alongside a restaurant specializing in Texas barbecue, so gather a group to savor traditional meaty delicacies before taking the stage. The karaoke takes place in the basement of the venue, with a live band accompanying the vocals of the rotating artists. Decide on a classic song and take to the stage as a group, or if you’re feeling really good then go solo to give the crowd a performance they won’t forget. The venue also has a full bar at the back of the floor, so don’t worry if you need a few drinks before you hit the stage.

pottery painting
Create artistic pieces to add to your dorm room or apartment this fall at All on fire, a paint-your-own pottery shop. The pottery painting venue also hosts themed nights throughout August, such as trivia, jazz, and classical music nights to entertain patrons while they paint. Bring your friends, or even better, your future roommates with you, and paint cups, plates, bowls and vases that can be used and displayed in your shared space this fall. If you’re looking to spice up your experience, try rotating the piece you’re working on every 10 minutes with a friend to allow for artistic collaboration and a bit of a challenge.

gritty tip
Get active outdoors with a walk, run or bike ride to gritty tip. The spot is located along the Mount Vernon Trail, just a few feet from the end of the runway at Reagan National Airport. Look up and watch the planes plummet to their close, deafening landing just above you. Enjoy the green space and play Frisbee or catch some friends. Or lay down on a blanket and have a picnic on a hot summer day. No matter how you spend your time, the park is one of a kind where herds of locals can savor the last days of summer.

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