Teachers and support staff to receive additional compensation for after-school tutoring | Education


SIOUX CITY – Teachers and support staff who volunteer to work overtime for after-school tutoring will be paid $ 40 per hour and $ 25 per hour, respectively.

Extracurricular tutoring is intended to address the learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Superintendent Paul Gausman said the deal has been under discussion for two weeks.

The Sioux City School Board on Monday approved two memoranda of understanding between the district and the Sioux City Education Association and the Sioux City Educational Support Personnel Association – the unions representing teachers and staff – until September 2024.

The additional salary will be funded from the $ 38.9 million of the three elementary and secondary school assistance (ESSER) funding. The ESSER III budget allocated $ 2.4 million for tutoring until 2024.

Compensation for certified staff also covers tasks such as after-school homework help, teaching summer schools, meeting the PLC, and working with vendors providing tutoring services. This is an increase from the $ 30 an hour in the original contract.

Teachers will also be paid retroactively for any tutoring between July 1 and now.

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Teachers and support staff who teach for three hours will have 60 minutes to use to contact parents, arrange transportation, and complete other items to ensure successful tutoring.

Gausman said the main goals are math and reading, but could be any subject if needed.

The school board also approved two other programs to address learning loss.

The “Do The Math” summer school helps students in grades 1 to 5 relearn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions, according to the package in the table. The “Do The Math” materials were approved for $ 340,666.94, along with teacher pay to complete two hours of training, not to exceed $ 19,000 district-wide.

This is part of the $ 3.6 million ESSER III funding set aside for response equipment.

“Varied Practice Reading” is an educational method for teaching reading skills. In the material, students read three sets of passages that contain about 85 percent of the same words to help them improve their reading skills, according to the chart’s record.

Elementary Education Director Brian Burnight said the elementary version is intended focus on fluency in reading and vocabulary development.

The purchase of “Varied Practice Reading” was approved for the elementary school at a cost of $ 59,499, along with payment for teachers using the program to complete two hours of training, not to exceed $ 19,000 across the board. district.

This program will also be funded by the $ 3.6 million ESSER III funding for response equipment.

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