The Smiddy Recruits New Tutors and Leads Business Development for the Banff Team

The Banff Smiddy has welcomed new staff to its team.

The Old Market Place goldsmith base is managed by Vanilla Ink.

After 18 difficult months, he now looks to 2022 and beyond.

The Banff Smiddy has recruited new members to its team.

A spokesperson said: “The foundation on which Vanilla Ink is built is Educate Inspire Empower, so after three years as a Goldsmith and Chief Jeweler at The Smiddy, we are delighted that Megan Falconer is focusing on her own business. manufacturing based in Aberdeen.

“Megan will always be teaching The Smiddy as a freelance tutor, and we are both delighted to see her grow her own business and delighted that she continues to play an important role in The Smiddy’s continued success.

“We have just recruited two new tutors to the team. So besides Megan and Milly Munday, our regular tutors will also include Aimi Cairns and Amy Ferguson.

“Both have an incredible experience and we are really excited about some great new classes coming in 2022. More information about our new tutors will be on our website soon.

“Most of you know that unfortunately Alison Arrowsmith passed away earlier this month, Alison made an incredible contribution to Vanilla Ink The Smiddy and we miss him dearly.

“However, we are very pleased to welcome aspiring jeweler and businesswoman Eilidh Geraghty to the team.

“Eilidh has a lot of experience working in non-profit organizations and comes to The Smiddy as a business development manager.

“Eilidh will take care of the day-to-day management of The Smiddy and The Silversmith Quarters, and will focus on local and Scottish partnerships.

“At the same time, Eilidh is training with our tutors in Banff and Glasgow and will also join our team of tutors later in 2022.

“Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our new classes and more information about our fantastic team to come.

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