TutorOcean launches new mobile app to make tutoring even easier

TutorOcean launches new Apple and Android mobile apps

TutorOcean updates its mobile tutoring app, making it easier for learners and tutors to connect.

With the new TutorOcean app, students will have the convenience and customization of private tutoring with just a few clicks on their favorite device while on the go.

— Will Li, CEO and Co-Founder of TutorOcean

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TutorOcean(www.tutorocean.com), one of the fastest growing tutoring markets in North America, today announced that it has updated its mobile apps on the Apple App and Google Play stores to help learners and tutors to connect more easily.

Leveraging the TutorOcean companion app, students can find, connect and communicate with tutors on the go. From reminders and syncing with a student’s calendar to getting questions answered quickly, tutoring is made easy with TutorOcean.

“The pandemic has changed the way students and tutors want to connect. With the new TutorOcean app, learners will have the convenience and customization of 1:1 tutoring with just a few clicks,” said Will Li, CEO and Co-Founder of TutorOcean. “TutorOcean was designed from the ground up as an online platform with our own proprietary virtual classroom, ensuring students can easily connect and communicate with tutoring talent anywhere – from your own city to the world. entire.”

Students and tutors can now download the TutorOcean for Apple or TutorOcean for Android app on their favorite mobile devices.

Students will love the new experience of this mobile app, which was designed to help learners find tutoring help on the go.

From a tutor perspective, the TutorOcean app will allow tutors to respond to existing and prospective students at any time. Additionally, by receiving notifications and reminders, tutors can more easily stay in touch with their students and ensure that they can provide the support their learners need in a quick and responsive manner.

So what are you going to learn or teach today?

Join our mission where TutorOcean helps ensure that access to knowledge is a right, not a privilege!

About TutorOcean

TutorOcean is a global marketplace and virtual learning platform where learners and tutors engage in K-12 and post-secondary subjects, college preparation, peer mentoring, and teaching in a variety of arts and hobbies.

By using TutorOcean’s intuitive and integrated online classroom, tutors are able to create a stimulating and effective learning environment to help learners achieve their goals. It’s a place where connections are made instantly, knowledge is shared in real time, and geographic boundaries are conquered to create a global community passionate about lifelong learning.

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